Amma chair massage

Ancestor of shiatsu – calming by the touch

How to reduce muscular tension, diminish stress at work and increase power of concentration?
A 15-minute chair massage will help you in that way. The aim of this technique is relaxation and well-being.

This massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs and is done over clothes. It involves the manipulation of specific points (same techniques as for shiatsu) of the body through rhythmic thumb and hand pressures, stretching, tapping and percussions.

Where to receive the amma chair massage?

  • At your workplace
  • During seminars, conferences and events
  • Practice or at home (possibility to organize amma demo’s by inviting some of your friends)

I need a minimal amount of space,  it is quickly set up and disassembled.
Price: 15€/15 min

Benefits for the employer:

  • increases employee performance and productivity (proven studies: ” Touch research institute de Miami”:
  • shows that the employer takes care of his workforce
  • reduces absenteeism
  • chair massage costs far less than many other employee benefits, whilst providing demonstrated value in  improved health, productivity and morale.

It can really help your staff to be more efficient and less stressed.

Benefits for the employee:

  • relieves mental and physical fatigue
  • improves the concentration
  • dramatically reduces stress and tension
  • reinforces your immune system
  • relieves and reduces muscular tensions (neck, shoulders, back)

So if you are an employer or a group of people and require massage on location, please feel free to ask for a quotation.